Athletic Registration


Athletic Registration Information:

1) In order to try out and participate in a sport during the 2022-2023 academic year, the student and her parents must submit the online Athletic Registration Form.
注意: You do not need to print the Athletic Registration Form. Your electronic signature certifies that you have read and agree to the terms outlined in the cardiac arrest and concussion waivers and to the rules and regulations in the Lauralton Hall Parent-Student Athlete Handbook.

2) Annual current physical examinations are required of students who participate in any sport. A current Health Assessment Record Form (within thirteen months of the physical exam) must be on file and approved by the nurse in order for a student to try out for, practice or play a sport at Lauralton Hall. According to the CIAC regulations, if the form expires during the playing season, a new form is required without lapse or the student will not be able to continue participation.

3) Baseline Impact Testing should  be completed by freshmen, junior and transfer athletes in August and is required before tryouts. Any students wanting to try out for a sport who has not completed the baseline impact test should email Mrs. 伯尼尔在 to be sent a link and instructions to complete the Baseline Impact Test from home.

4) All student-athletes are expected to travel to and from away competitions on the team bus.  If a  student is not going to travel with the team, an Athletics Transportation Waiver must  be submitted to the Athletic Director or Athletic Office Manager at least one day prior to the travel date.

For any questions please contact Athletic Director Jennifer Casceillo at or Athletic Office Manager Kim 伯尼尔在